Type 3 and SquareD


My 1970 Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback

Baby Car was born in September 1969, and adopted by its original owner in November 1969. It resided in the Bay Area of California until April 2002, when I purchased it from its original owner. While driving to its new home in the California Central Valley, my wife said that it looked like a "Baby Car" amongst all the other vehicles on the highway as she followed us home.

I have finished the assembly of the new engine and transmission, and it is now installed. I also got the Over-the-Top header/muffler to finally fit. I have also come up with an acceptable mounting for the remote oil filter, which I finally finished, and I am now working on the fuel system.

I completed the setup for a Type 3 Registry, and it went live on 10-Feb- 2005. I have always wondered where these cars are and how they are being used. On 22-Sep-2005, I passed the torch for the Type 3 Registry to a member of the Typ III Kultur club, located in the Bay Area of California. With the passing of my wife this past July from Breast Cancer, I felt it would be best to insure that the Type 3 Registry continued on, while I deal with the changes in my life that I am now facing.

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