Type 3 and SquareD

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This image shows the new engine as prepared by Pat Downs at CB Performance. The 1776 engine uses a new universal case, welded and counter-weighted stock 69mm forged crank mated to a lightened flywheel, and then balanced. The heads are 044's with 40/35.5 valves, and the cam is a 2242. Induction is via a pair of Weber 40 IDF carburetors, setting on short manifolds. Ignition is via a Bosch 009 distributor, with a CompuFire ignition module. The case was full-flowed, has a 30mm pump, and a Wide-Glide 2 Qt sump. Pat was able to pull 110 HP (flywheel) when he put it on the dyno.
Page Version: 06-Aug-2005