Type 3 and SquareD

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The picture above shows several prototypes of the Type 3, housed in the VW Factory Museum in Wolfsburg. Please note that while the above picture shows a 4-door and convertible (cabriolet) model, they were only made as prototypes, and were never production models. The first production model was the Notchback (Sedan), built in April 1961 for the 1961 model year. Production for each model year begins in August, so production for the 1962 model started in August 1961and continued through the end of July 1962.

The Squareback (Variant) was first built in December 1961 as a 1962 model. This model was know as the Squareback in the American market, while referred to as the Variant elsewhere in the world. A new model, the Fastback was introduced for the 1966 model year, starting in August 1965. This was also the first year that VW exported the Type 3 to the US, but only the Squareback and the new Fastback models. The Notchback was never officially exported to the US, although they made their way into our county in various other ways.

Production ended with the 1973 model year, with an estimated 2,585,000 cars produced. There was also another model of the Type 3 produced from 1961 thru the 1969 model years, known as the Type 34 (the Karmann-Ghia), all built at the Karmann factory in Osnabruck. The T34 was never exported to the US, only its counterpart, the Karmann-Ghia based on the Type 1 (Bug/Beetle) chassis.
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